Bringing simplicity to streaming music

Successfully controlling on/off and channel selection of connected TVs across a majority of brands and models with graceful degradation of functionality.

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The team at The Electric Jukebox Company sought our help to bring simplicity to streaming music by combining hardware, software and premium music streaming access into one package, "a box with everything you need to get started in streaming music", which connected through their television.


But in making the experience as seamless as possible they faced significant software engineering challenges with the device control of television functions such as power on/off and source selection (for example when the user turned on the Electric Jukebox their TV would also turn on).

The product was built on Android but the version of the Operating System (OS) being used was prior to the availability of the Android TV Input Framework, meaning a custom solution had to be developed.


To solve the problem we implemented a custom kernel extension to the Android OS and extended the existing video drivers to allow us to implement a low-level Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) driver within the OS for integration with the Electric Jukebox application. We then dealt with the many variations across a wide variety of brands and models of TV to standardise the control of power on/off and source selection.


The first version of the Roxi system, "Roxi Music Entertainment System", successfully launched to market as a result of our work. They now offer users voice control access to tens of millions of songs that can be played through their television or home audio system along with karaoke.

We are very pleased to have been able to help The Electric Jukebox Company in their mission to inspire parents and children to connect and bond around what music does best – connecting us together.