Announcing our new(ish) Head of People and Delivery

Rich Cassidy joins to help build a digital agency that puts people first

Rich and I first met in 2015, and I’ve been desperate to work with him ever since. He’s a bit of a missing link for CYB and he can really build an incredible organisation for our team; innovative, caring, exciting: something to really be proud of. I’m really excited to learn from him and can’t wait to spend a huge amount of my day problem-solving with him.

Rich has over ten years’ experience in design and tech consulting with a focus on health and social care, as well as experience in the Civil Service and third sector organisations. Having grown and supported teams in both the public and private sectors, Rich brings a deep understanding of how to create the conditions and culture that enables teams of designers, researchers and developers to deliver incredible work and outcomes.

As we continue our fast-paced development, Rich will bring these skillsets to the newly created role of Head of People and Delivery. He'll use his own experience of project delivery to provide the tools, processes and company culture which supports our lovely CYB folks to thrive as professionals and deliver excellent outcomes for clients.

For us, Rich’s appointment marks another step forward as we take a stand in our unique position in the digital consultancy sphere as an independent, purpose-driven agency dedicated to making tech a force for good. We've recently seen our people-centric methods lead to successful work implementing electronic travel documents for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, whilst our Give A Little charitable donation platform recently surpassed £4.4m in donations.

Rich shares this ethos, spending his personal time mentoring secondary school pupils in maths and science and supporting prospective parents through the adoption process.

When strong-armed into providing a quote for this post, Rich C said:

“I'm so excited to be able to build an agency that works for people. I know that people feel able to do their best, most creative work when in a team where they feel trusted and valued. All workplaces should be safe for people to be authentic and I want CYB to serve as a brilliant example to others."